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Discover Pazaz
Dance Company

Pazaz Dance Co is one of the leading dance institutions in Belmont and Rockingham area.

Established in 2002, we aim to encourage a widespread love of dance, welcoming every single student who wants to get moving!

About Us

Pazaz Dance Company (PDC) was originally established in 2002. We are a Christian based school that offers children of all ages the opportunity to dance in a positive learning environment.

At PDC, we provide programs that develop the important skills of coordination, musical appreciation movement, fitness, creativity and imagination.

Our dance school fosters a fun community for all our students and their families. We offer not only dance classes but a place where lasting friendships are built, both for our students and their parents.

As we believe in protecting the innocence of the child and the integrity of each performer, we take care in choosing age-appropriate songs, choreography and costumes.

Feel like you have seen us before? We were previously known as Footprintz Dance Academy in Belmont and Angelina Ballerina Academy in Rockingham. Changing our name has given us the chance to be one big happy family.

Why Choose Pazaz Dance Co

Our recreational classes are the perfect introduction to dance for students from eighteen months of age.

To ensure classes are suitable for those who attend, we offer a range of options across styles, age groups and abilities. Whether you are aiming for a professional career, looking to stay fit or finally ready to give dance a try, we have a class for you.

Pazaz Dance Company offers a range of styles, including Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Broadway (Singing), Acrobatics, Dance with Me class, Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet, AcroDance and more.

The teachers at Pazaz have a vast range of experience across disciplines. Our collective approach is to share our love of dance while being supportive and encouraging.

Weekly Classes

Dance Is the Hidden Language of the Soul

What does the word Pazaz mean?
Pazaz is a similar to the word Pizazz. Pazaz is a biblical word that means to leap, bound, be agile and supple.


Our vision is to create a community hub for students of all ages and abilities in every style of the performing arts.

Our drive is to have this hub be the largest community based, non-competitive performance academy in Perth while still providing a small community feel where everyone is valued, cared for and part of our family.

Our ongoing goal is to have our own state of the art studio to continue offering all dance genres, drama and singing classes.

dance schools Baldivis

At Pazaz Dance Co, our mission is to provide quality, caring, enjoyable, and achievable dance tuition to children in our local community. We strive to nurture children in the performing arts by fostering confidence and imparting the values of kindness, integrity, compassion, inclusiveness, and teamwork.

PDC’s point of difference is that we are a values driven, community based dance studio that provides opportunities for students to perform rather than competing in dance competitions. Students are taught solid techniques and given the proper foundations leading to options where they can further their studies as they progress into their teenage years.

Students are exposed to quality music, creativity, costumes, and choreography for our performances which draws on historical examples as well as experimenting with new innovations.

We strive to create a family-oriented atmosphere and community where all dancers feel welcomed and valued.

Our teaching team offers a vast array of individual skills and interests. Students benefit enormously from this collective knowledge base and are encouraged to maximise exposure to as many teachers and genres as possible.

On departing our studio we hope that students will reflect on their time at PDC very positively.

Physical skills, personal memories, experiences, and friendships at PDC will form part of their life story which in turn will contribute to their adult identity.


 At Pazaz Dance Co we believe in:

COMMUNITY – We provide quality, caring, enjoyable and achievable dance classes to children in our local community. We strive to create a family-oriented atmosphere and a community where positive friendships grow.

INCLUSIVE – We strive to nurture children in the art of dance. Children of all ages and abilities are welcome to be part of our dancing family.

QUALITY TEACHING – Our teaching team offers a vast array of individual skills and interests. Students benefit from this collective knowledge base as they are exposed to many teachers and genres of dance.

NON-COMPETITIVE – Students are given the opportunity to perform rather than compete against their friends or other students. We believe all students should be given the same opportunities to excel and learn whilst still working hard.  We enjoy watching our students strive to better themselves while being involved in a solid, friendly team environment.

ENJOYABLEWe are committed to making movement fun, energetic and enjoyable. We provide a balance of fun, friendship and structured technique classes.



Develops concentration

Boost self confidence

Increases strength and flexibility

Sense of enjoyment and fun

Helps with their musicality and memory

Improvisation and perseverance skills evolve

Improves social and creative skills


Improves physical health

Helps with social and communication skills

Helps Encourages cooperation and teamwork

Builds self-confidence and performance skills

Sparks creativity and a sense of fun

Instils discipline and focus

Boosts gross and fine motor movement and balance


Make friends and improve social skills

Builds Self-confidence

Encourages discipline and responsibility

Improves flexibility, coordination and agility

Reduces stress from school, studies and life

Helps diminish depression

Increases energy and fitness


Boosts Memory

Good for heart health and weight management

Improves flexibility, coordination and reduces stiffness

Reduces stress

Increases energy and aerobic fitness

Improves muscle tone and strengthens your core muscles

Make new friends and socialise

Our Teachers

Pazaz Dance Co has been privately owned by Jennifer Sutton (née Powell) since 2001. Our team of passionate, experienced and friendly dance instructors have a range of skills they can share with our students.

Jennifer Sutton – Owner
Member Portal

Has been dancing for over 30 years and teaching for over twenty years. In that time she has competed in various competitions and performed in many theatrical shows. She was also a member of the Rockingham Theatre Company since the age of three, so she is aware and understands all aspects of stage performance. In 1999 Miss Jen completed the Australian Institute of Classical Dance Intermediate Exam and in the same year gained her Teaching Diploma in Australian Teachers of Dancing. In 2003 was accepted as a member of ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance) In 2005 was appointed the ATOD WA state organizer. In 2006 she passed her Associate Teaching Diploma in ATOD. In 2010 passed her Member Teacher Diploma with ATOD. In 2014 she passed her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (CUA40211). She is a certified ATOD Imagine teacher. She is a qualified Acrobatics Arts instructor. Trained in both Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet. As well as passing her Zumba and Zumbatomic Instructors course. She has a current First Aid Certificate and Working With Children’s Clearance.


Teaching Diploma in Australian Teachers of Dancing

Member Teacher Diploma with ATOD

Associate Teaching Diploma in ATOD

Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (CUA40211)

Certified ATOD Imagine Teacher

Acrobatic Arts Certified Teacher

Ready Set Dance trained

Ready Set Ballet trained

Zumbatomic Instructor

Zumba Instructor

Dance Studio Owners Business Course