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Fees Schedule

      Autopay Fees Payable per Term (including GST & 2.5% transaction fee)

  • 30 Min Classes $133.25 per term
  • 40-45 Min Classes $148.63 per term
  • 55-60 Min Classes $164 per term
  • 90 Min Classes $225.50 per term

Individual Student Discount

  • 3 classes 5%
  • 4 classes 10%
  • 5 classes 15%
  • 6 classes 20%
  • 7 classes 25%
  • 8 or more classes 30%

The individual student discount is only valid until the debit date. If your debit fails or is overdue, ALL discount are revoked and a $11 late fee will be applied.

Fees & Payment

We recognise that families are busy, so we have implemented an Autopay Direct Debit system where your fees will be debited from your nominated financial institution (using your debit card or credit card). The balance on your account will be charged every term (dates listed below)

Failure to give written notification to Pazaz Dance Company to their email address (hello@pazazdance.co), of any changes to your selected classes by the end of each term will result in your account automatically being debited and there will be no refunds available. If your payment fails, you will be charged a $11 dishonour fee per failed payment.

Auto Direct Debit Details

Fees are payable per term and will be automatically debited from your nominated bank account every term (e.g., four times a year). As a condition of your enrolment and to register for classes you must in enrol in Autopay with your credit card. These details are held by Stripe financial institution and not by Pazaz Dance Company. You card will be charged for your fees and/or the balance owing on your account.

2022 Auto Pay Debit Dates

  • Term 1: Mon 21st Feb 2022
  • Term 2: Mon 2nd May 2022
  • Term 3: Mon 18th July 2022
  • Term 4: Mon 10th Oct 2022

You can obtain receipts from your bank statement or via your Member Portal. There is a transaction fee of 2.5% per debit. If your payment fails, you will be charged $11 per failed payment.

If you are no longer continuing with your class please email hello@pazazdance.co at the end of the term to terminate your contract (two weeks notice is needed), so your account is not debited for the next terms fees. Failure to notify us will result in your account being automatically debited and your fees cannot be refunded.

Registration/Insurance fee of $40 per student is payable per calendar year at the time of enrolment.  Students will be covered until February the following year when we will take out the cover again coinciding with next year’s enrolments.  Policy details are available upon request.

Refunds will not be issued for classes missed, in the event that you find you cannot continue classes, or failure to notify us of any cancellation.

All absences (no exceptions) from class must be paid for, and no refunds will be given.  This includes sickness and holidays. To let us know that your child is going to be missing from their class please login to the Member Portal and click on ‘Attendance’. Choose which child (if you have more than one attending classes), choose their class and the date. Once you log this information it will automatically show these details on our digital class lists in real time.

Errors – No system is perfect.  If we make a mistake please just let us know.

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