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We can’t wait for you to join us at Pazaz Dance Co.
Enrolment in classes is for the entire school term and enrolment for the following term is presumed unless we are notified in writing. Fees are paid via direct debit. Trial classes available for new students.

Follow these easy steps to get started

Step 1

Fill out the Form Below and we will email you with all your class options and how to schedule your trial classes.

Step 2

Create an Account on our PORTAL

Step 3

Schedule Trial classes via the PORTAL (small fee for trial classes)

Step 4

Attend your Trial classes!

Membership Fees

Trial Classes Available For New Students


If a class hasn’t reached capacity we offer trial classes to students. If you don’t want to miss out we would encourage you to register for your chosen class.

Classes Starting From

$130 Per Term

Based on
30 minute lesson

Youth Classes
Starting From

$145 Per Term

Based on
60 minute lesson


Can my child attend a Trial Class?
Does my child need to wear a uniform?
I'm not sure how to do a ballet bun?
Do we have an end of year concert? If so...what’s involved?
Does my Child have to perform in the Concert?
Do I need to let you know if my child is going to be away, sick or missing a class?
Can I stay with my child during their dance classes?
But...but...I promise I’ll be really quiet! Are you SURE I can’t stay and watch?
What do I do if my child won’t stay in the class without me?
How do I pay my fees?
What happens if I move away?
What if my child or I am injured and cannot attend classes?
Can I pay for drop in classes?
What is the cancellation policy should I need to cancel?
What does my Registration fee cover?
Can my child attend a Trial Class?

Absolutely! We offer trial classes to new students wanting to try out the classes of their choice. In short, we give you the opportunity to “try before you purchase the whole term!”

The way things work is simple…students get to try out the classes they think would be most interesting. You simply register for the classes you wish to trial. If it wasn’t what they were looking for – no problem! You won’t be charged for the remainder of the term. If a student DOES decide that they want to continue, then simply register for the remainder of the season.

However, we do believe that it’s best to enrol a child for a full term to really see how well they enjoy the class. A full term gives them plenty of time to settle in, get to know the other students, get to know the teachers, and to really develop a deep understanding of what it means to be part of the classes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to form those strong opinions and bonds in a short period of time. Other times, in our experience, it takes a little longer for the shyest or quietest children to come out of their shell and really blossom. But, if you feel that testing the waters would be the best way to go…then great! We welcome you and your child into our class and…to coin a phrase…we’ll all put our best foot forward!

So…please feel free to take advantage of our class trials!

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

We find that wearing a uniform gives students a sense of belonging and they get excited to get into their special dance clothes because they are going to their special dance class! Uniforms are not required for your first two weeks, but after that, then yes, you will need to purchase a uniform for your child to wear to their classes.  However, uniforms are not required for our ‘Dance With Me’ class.

Please click HERE to view our uniform requirements.

I'm not sure how to do a ballet bun?

Don’t worry…we have you covered! Our principal, Miss Jen, has done a YouTube clip teaching you how to do the perfect bun.  Want to see it? Just click here

Do we have an end of year concert? If so...what’s involved?

Yes we do…and it’s SO MUCH FUN!! Our year end concerts are the highlight of the season for many of our dancers and their families. Every year our concert is held at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre (PCEC) usually on the second Saturday of December starting at 5.30pm and finishing about 7.30pm.

Each class requires just one costume for the concert (apart from the Combo classes – they perform two dances and require two costumes). We try to keep the costumes to a maximum of $70-$90. 

Students will attend 1 rehearsal at the venue to familiarize themselves with the stage and to get used to the lighting/sound/costume and then it’s showtime!  It’s a lot of fun for them and is also a great learning experience which we find really improves their confidence!

Does my Child have to perform in the Concert?

No, it’s not compulsory, but 95% of our students do participate. All classes have a half yearly and end of year performance that the students work towards.

Do I need to let you know if my child is going to be away, sick or missing a class?

Yes, we really do appreciate knowing if there will be a class missed…and we make it easy for you.

Simply let us know about any absentees by logging into to our Member Portal. If you click on the ‘Attendance Log’ you will be able to let us know which student will be missing, from which dates, and for which classes. This will automatically show on our teachers digital class attendance rolls and keep them in the loop.

Can I stay with my child during their dance classes?

Although we encourage parents to be involved whenever possible, our experience shows that having other adults in the room is actually detrimental to the student and the class.

To explain, students historically focus and learn better when it’s just the students and the teacher in the room.  A teacher in a class with no parent observers gets more done, receives better responses from the kids and builds trust and rapport faster than a class with parents watching. Besides…many new students may still be working on coming out of their shell and not quite ready for an “audience.”

Our dance classes are a super safe, super fun introduction to dance as they’re short and direct. The kids are engaged and that helps build confidence and self-esteem!  Aside from that, they also learn about lining up, taking turns, listening to the teacher, following 3-5 part instructions and many other basic skills that will help them outside of the studio.

We encourage your little one to be cooperative and sociable in a nurturing environment, but we DO have a few “parent watching” days each year…so we’ll be sure to let you know about those dates so you can join in the fun and watch them as they learn and grow!

But...but...I promise I’ll be really quiet! Are you SURE I can’t stay and watch?

Yep, we’re sure. For young children, their parent is their shining light, their focus point. But when they’re in class, they need to learn how to shift their focus point to the teacher to effectively learn their new steps, to follow the leader, or to move to the music.

Even if you’re across the room and quiet as a mouse…they will know you’re there and will have a built in distraction. They’ll watch you, your reactions, your expressions. Additionally, some kids are more emotional when their parents are watching which can be tough on everyone.

Of course, there are other kids in the class as well! Some might be uncomfortable with strangers watching and as a result they don’t get the most out of their lesson.

Parents often like a chat too. With any chit-chat, the volume levels rise, the distraction levels rise…you get the idea!

Please understand…we know it’s natural to worry about your child’s safety when you’re not with them. Here’s what we’d like you to know about our classes and our school so you can comfortably leave your little one with us.

Every one of our staff has a “working with children” check.

We’re a registered dance school and business.

We supervise the children from the time they enter the class until we hand them back to you.

Our teachers love and adore all their students.

What do I do if my child won’t stay in the class without me?

We understand this too…sometimes a child simply doesn’t want to be left alone! That’s why we have a ‘Dance With Me’ class for students aged 2-3 years. For those that are older than three but aren’t ready be left in a class, we would suggest bringing them to our ‘Dance with Me’ class where you get to stay and participate with them.

For most students who are a little older, we find that they tend to settle in very quickly once they have been left with their teacher. If they are really distraught and won’t settle after about 5-10 minutes, one of our assistant teachers will bring them out to you. Or we will call your mobile to let you know.

How do I pay my fees?

Fees are payable per term and will be automatically debited from your nominated bank account every term (e.g., four times a year). As a condition of your enrolment and to register for classes you must in enrol in Autopay with your credit or debit card. These details are held by Stripe financial institution and not by Pazaz Dance Company. You card will be charged for your fees and/or the balance owing on your account.

You can obtain receipts from your bank statement or via your Member Portal. There is a transaction fee of 2.5% per debit. If your payment fails, you will be charged $11 per failed payment.

If you are no longer continuing with your class please email us at at the end of the term to terminate your contract (two weeks notice is needed), so your account is not debited for the next terms fees. Failure to notify us will result in your account being automatically debited and your fees cannot be refunded.

What happens if I move away?

If you move away from the area and our studio can no longer reasonably be accessed by you, we will refund the remainder of your term fees. Please note that a cancellation fee of $40 will apply.

What if my child or I am injured and cannot attend classes?

Unfortunately term fees are non-refundable in the case of injury. We welcome injured students to watch class so they can continue to learn. 

Can I pay for drop in classes?

We do not offer drop-in classes for school-aged students. Adults can come to drop-in classes for a cost of $20 per class. 

What is the cancellation policy should I need to cancel?

We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply email to request your membership be cancelled for the upcoming school term. No further payments will be taken. Please allow 14 days for your cancellation to be processed.

What does my Registration fee cover?

The $40 Registration fee is payable per calendar year per person. This fee includes an individual accident insurance policy for our students providing them with an extra level of financial protection should they sustain an injury whilst participating in classes, displays, performances, traveling to/from their dance / performance activity; to/from their residence, school or place of employment. It also covers yearly membership fees associated with our membership portal. OneMusic Fees (formerly APRA & AMCOS).

Features and Benefits

Fun Comes First!

We want every child to make friends and experience the joy of dance at our studios.

Well Established

Our family-owned business has been proudly serving the area since 2002.

Award Winning Programs

We are the official location of the award-winning Preschooler programs ‘Ready Set Dance’ and ‘Ready Set Ballet’.

Group Lessons

Boost your skills and make new friends with others who share your love of dance. 

Multi-Class Discounts

We offer discounts to students who are doing three or more classes per week.

Dedicated Teachers

Our faculty is committed to helping each student foster a lifelong love of dance.


Join Our Dance Family

To apply for one of our Dance Programs, please complete the form below or contact Miss Jen, our owner, on 0404 732 732 to get started.