Tips for applying your stage makeup.

Foundation – Similar colour match to your skin. Make sure that it is not
too pale, because under the stage lights it will make you look sick. It
should be applied and evenly spread over the face using a make-up
sponge. Take care to blend down the neck so that no harsh lines can be

– Using a powder puff, powder the entire face and brush off the
excess with a large brush.

Eyes – With a brown eye pencil draw a line onto the eyebrow working
from the centre of the face outward. Blend the colour with a cotton tip.
– Using brown tone eye shadows apply a base of a light camel
colour to the lower lid. Just under the eyebrows use a white eye shadow.
Then apply a dark brown in the socket line (‘c’ shape) and blend slightly

– Using the black eye liner, draw a thin line close to the lashes along
the eye lid, slightly flicking up towards the outer corners of the eyes. Still
with the black eye liner, draw a thin line along the bottom of the eye just
under the lashes.

– Apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Optional to glue
false eyelashes to enhance the eyes.
Blush – With a blusher brush apply pink blush to the cheekbone and
blend up towards the hairline. Add white eye shadow to highlight top of
blush line.

Lips – Trace around the lips in BYS ‘First Kiss’ lip liner (or similar colour
to lipstick)

– Using a lip brush fill in the lips with BYS ‘Lip Service’ lipstick.

Click HERE to download Miss Jen’s tips for applying your stage makeup.

Or you might like to check out this youtube video to help you.